Krik Krak Phase I Activities

August 2018

Health Providers review consent forms prior to first focus group

Pregnant teen participant in focus group two (ages 18-19), reviews consent form

December 2018- Preparing for Pre-production of Video Intervention

KK Post 1
Local actors rehearse script of initial video interventions

Haiti-based collaborator, Paul Phycien (front left), arrived with project actors and teen moms for filming a video intervention
“Actor” participant in pre-production video intervention rehearses scripts
“Actors” and teen moms demonstrating access to social media – an essential component for dissemination of the video intervention after we test it in Phase 2, a randomized-control trial

Dr. Manisha Joshi and Dr. Guitele Rahill confirm pre-production video scripts with Haiti-based collaborator and president of OREZON, Mr. Paul Phycien
“Actor” participant
“Actor” participant

Actions undertaken to empower teens and their peers

November to December 2018

For many youngsters around the world, Christmas is not a time for receiving and sharing gifts. Many children in Cité Soleil grow up having never celebrated Christmas due to the extreme poverty in their neighborhood. Drs. Rahill and Joshi’s Krik Krak: Mental Health for Pregnant Haitian Teens grant, funded by the Grand Challenges Exploration Round 20 of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, targets pregnant teens in Haiti’s Cité Soleil. Their first round of focus groups revealed several challenges faced by pregnant teens in Cité Soleil, including the need for clothing for the young women and supplies for newborn infants, such as clothing, bottles, washable diapers, and toys.  Thus, Cameron Burris, an MSW student and Project Coordinator for the Krik Krak grant and Alexandra Pellot, an MSW student and Graduate assistant, spearheaded a clothing and non-perishable food drive in collaboration with Jenifer Ollis, president of the USF Social Work Society in, a student-run organization.

During the second phase of the grant, when Drs. Rahill and Joshi returned to Cité Soleil to film video interventions that address the biopsychosocial challenges which the identified teens had shared in the first focus groups, they brought clothing and food for mothers and babies, some of whom had been born since the previous trip.  They gave those donations to community-based colleagues at Cité Soleil’s OREZON. Colleagues at OREZON sorted through and organized the donations two days before Christmas, providing mothers with gifts for themselves and their children. Mothers even enjoyed blowing balloons, something they never had as children.  We were grateful to be able to share clothing drive items with mothers in the community and not just those from our focus groups. We extend our deepest gratitude to the Social Work Society for their willingness to collaborate with us in meeting the essential needs of young mothers in Haiti.

Clothing Drive Recipients

clothing 1-2
clothing 2-2
clothing 3-2

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Introduction of the Krik Krak Project to the Haitian Community in Tampa Bay and to USF Faculty and Students  

March 2019- Forging Partnerships for Project Sustainability and Dissemination of Video Intervention

Meeting with Team of Psychologists at Partners in Health in Mirebalais, Haiti: Dr. Cidna Valentin, Mr. Wilder Dubuisson; Fr. Eddy Eustache; Reginald Fils Aime; Ms. Emmeline Affricot ; Ms. Edme Robes PIERRE.

Meeting with Dr. Sabine Lamour and colleagues at SOFA (Solidarite Fanm Ayisyen)/ Solidarity of Haitian Women.

Teen moms demonstrate personal and socioeconomic improvement from initial contact and introduce their babies

Outcomes of Partnerships so far

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