OREZON Cité Soleil (Organisation pour la Rénovation de la zone de Cité Soleil)

Mr. Paul Phycien, Dr. Manisha Joshi, and Dr. Guitele Rahill meet with one of the Krik Krak teens in Haiti, to assess her post-natal and post-Krik Krak study needs. We have been able to fund her return to school.

In addition to its administrative function, OREZON.CS comprises CREFAS (Centre de Recherche et de Facilitation Sociale/ Center for Research and Social Empowerment); MEXSAF (Maison des Expressions Sans Frontières/ House of Languages without Borders); EduMag (Education Magazine), and FORSE (Fonds pour le Relancement Social et Economique) (Fund for Social and Economic Revitalization).

The Krik Krak Mental Health for pregnant Haitian Teen research team has provided crucial human subjects protection training for OREZON staff who assisted in recruitment of teens and parents for the KrikKrak Study. Also, the Krik Krak research team has, through the help of private donors, enable 6 of the teens from the project to return to school, by paying their tuition, and three teens to obtain startup funds for small businesses, in order to meet the basic needs of their babies and themselves. Moreover, food insecurity and clothing needs were mitigated through the Krik Krak project incentives that each teen received for their participation in the project.

The Krik Krak research team continues to provide monthly health literacy information for OREZON to include in their Edumag. Most recently, Mr. Phycien, president of OREZON, and the research team collaborated to find and translate information from NIMH regarding how to recognize signs and symptoms of suicide and how to prevent suicide. Unfortunately, lack of resources and political turmoil which causes mandatory closing of most businesses in Haiti, have prohibited their putting out more health magazines in recent months.

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In November 2019, on the 25th of the month, the day that is designated internationally as the day to increase awareness of and to prevent violence against women, our organization, USF, provided support to OREZON to conduct a community-wide “Banm Prev” prevention campaign:

For more photos of this important event that may lead to a reduction of unplanned teen pregnancies, see


Our Partnership with OREZON:

Ms. Myriam Bien-Aime, OREZON counselor, accompanied by her own baby girl, models mother-child interaction for KrikKrak teens, to foster positive bonding between them and their babies.

OREZON.CS uses MEXSAF for document translation purposes. It also offers to the community of Cité Soleil some foreign language training.

EduMag- published monthly newsletters and flyers on health and social conditions that impact the health of the community. The copies are free to community members.

The research team has benefited from translation services of MEXSAF and falls within the purviews of OREZON’s CREFAS in its scope and mission!

Grand Challenges Explorations

In 2007, the Gates Foundation launched Grand Challenges Explorations to engage more of the world’s innovators more quickly. Great ideas come from everywhere. Twice each year, Grand Challenges Explorations invites high-risk, high-reward proposals on a range of challenges.

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Maria Muzik, M.D.

Associate Professor, University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry and Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology; Co-Director, Women and Infants Mental Health Program (WIMHP)

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Dr. Muzik has given us permission to translate and adapt sections of her intervention to enhance the krik krak intervention, as needed.


MenSana Haiti

Nombreux sont ceux qui ne font que rêver du succès. Nous, nous en faisons une réalité!

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Mr. Jean Wilner Louis, a Psychologist and Director of Haiti-based MenSana has validated our efforts at developing the Krik Krak intervention and committed to helping disseminate the produced drafts at MenSana and at other sites where he provides psychological support to youth and families.

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